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The Razorback CMX2302 is the Contractor’s ultimate all terrain mower. It provides a very economical means to tackle slashing and mowing work  that was not viable before. The return on investment for a professional contractor is absolutely staggering; especially in the hands of a good operator.

The CMX2302 4WD mower is extremely capable as it handles all base clumping grasses, saplings up to 36mm in diameter including many of the wetter varieties of plant pests like rushes found in wetter environments.

There is no other shaft driven, mechanical 4WD or AWD mower on the market in this segment. The Razoerback CMX2302, which has a much more substantial hydrostatic transmission, complete with a charge pump, removable oil filter and 7 litre tank that reticulates the hydrostatic oil for cooling in extreme conditions. This is a contractor’s all terrain mower that is built for day long work; it will manage wet conditions with absolute stealth so that you continue working when all your fellow contractors are unable to get onto the ground

All the comfort features including:

  • Steering wheel can be telescoped in or out

  • Steering angle can be altered easily

  • Three position suspension seat

  • Seat can be moved forward & back

  • Rear seat angle can be adjusted

  • ROPS – an optional extra

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