Husqvarna WDC 325L Vacuum Cleaner



Husqvarna WDC 325L Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Tackle the toughest cleaning challenges with the robust Husqvarna WDC 325L Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner. Designed to handle all forms of dirt, dust, spills, and debris, this machine is prepared for rigorous everyday cleaning. With a strong and reliable turbine boasting higher capacity and intuitive controls, maintenance becomes a breeze. The WDC 325L features a variable speed control, appliance socket, and power tool adapter, ensuring it meets the demands of dust class L, allowing no more than 1% of extracted dust to pass out of the filter.


  • Washable PET Filter Cartridge: Easily maintain and reuse the filter cartridge.
  • Power Outlet with Automatic Start/Stop: Provides convenient power access for other tools.
  • Variable Speed Control and Soft Start: Adapt suction power to various tools, reducing the risk of blown fuses.
  • Container Lifting Handle: Effortlessly empty the container with a smart lifting handle.
  • Aluminum Extension Tubes: Adapt the vacuum cleaner to different cleaning tasks effortlessly.
  • Stable Wheels and Castors: Large wheels and 360° castors provide excellent stability and maneuverability.
  • Semi-automatic Filter Cleaning: Facilitates efficient filter cartridge cleaning.
  • Fleece Filter Bag: Provides increased filtration and minimized dust exposure during disposal.
  • Exhaust Blow Function: Utilize the exhaust air for blower function, aiding in leaf piling or general cleaning.
  • Accessory Storage: Minimize storage space and risk of lost parts with organized accessory storage.

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