Husqvarna WDC 220 Vacuum



Husqvarna WDC 220 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Tackle any cleaning challenge with the Husqvarna WDC 220 Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner. This compact, user-friendly machine is built for performance and durability, ready to take on dirt, dust, spills, and debris in any form. With a strong and reliable turbine at its core, the WDC 220 ensures efficient cleaning every time. It's equipped with a washable PET filter and a semi-automatic filter cleaning system to keep maintenance to a minimum while maximizing operational efficiency.


  • Washable PET Filter Cartridge: Reuse the filter cartridge multiple times thanks to its washable feature, making maintenance cost-effective.
  • Semi-automatic Filter Cleaning: Keeps the filter cartridge clean with minimal effort, enhancing work efficiency.
  • Container Lifting Handle: Easily empty the container with the smart lifting handle, making disposal of contents straightforward.
  • Aluminum Extension Tubes: Adapt the vacuum cleaner to different cleaning tasks with the extendable aluminum tubes.
  • Stable Wheels and Castors: Large, sturdy wheels provide stability, while 360° castors ensure excellent maneuverability across areas.
  • Fleece Filter Bag: Experience increased filtration and minimized dust exposure during disposal with the smart fleece filter bag.
  • Exhaust Blow Function: Utilize the additional hose inlet at the exhaust air for blower function, useful for piling leaves or general cleaning.
  • Accessory Storage: Keep all included accessories organized on the cleaner, reducing storage space and risk of lost parts.

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