The Husqvarna TS 142T is an ingeniously designed, compact tractor that expels grass clippings from the side. It has been specifically engineered for small to medium-sized gardens, with a focus on user-friendliness. Its hydrostatic transmission is operated via a pedal, allowing for smooth, effortless navigation. Additionally, it boasts a deluxe 15" seat and an ergonomically designed steering wheel, ensuring that the operator is both comfortable and in control.

The TS142T comes packed with impressive features, including a powerful Husqvarna Series engine with a 764cc output. It also boasts a fully automatic hydrostatic transmission, making it incredibly easy to use. With a cutting width of 107cm or 42 inches, it can cover a significant area in a short amount of time.

  • Engine: Husqvarna Series
  • Power Output: 764cc Husqvarna Engine
  • Transmission Type:Fully Automatic Hydrostatic 
  • Cutting width: 107cm / 42"


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