Husqvarna TS114 Garden Tractor



The Husqvarna TS 114 garden tractor is meticulously crafted to offer a blend of comfort, convenience, and superior mowing performance. This reliable garden companion is ideal for large lawns, ensuring a seamless mowing experience even through narrow passages. With ergonomically designed levers and side-by-side pedals, achieve outstanding mowing results without any strain. The spring-assisted cutting deck further simplifies the mowing process. Its compact design not only facilitates easy storage and maintenance but also enhances maneuverability, making your lawn maintenance routine a delightful endeavor. Own the Husqvarna TS 114 garden tractor and embrace trouble-free ownership along with a perfectly manicured lawn.


  • 95cm Side-Discharge Cutting Deck: Efficiently manages grass clippings for a neat finish.
  • 452cc Displacement: Powerful engine to tackle large mowing tasks effortlessly.
  • Pedal-Operated Hydrostatic Transmission: Ensures smooth control over speed and direction.
  • Comfortable, Adjustable Driver Seat: Customizable seating for a comfortable mowing experience.
  • Dual Headlights: Enhances visibility for safe mowing during low light conditions.
  • Hour Meter: Helps in tracking the operating hours for timely maintenance.


  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna

  • Model: TS 114 Garden Tractor

  • SKU: 9706225 01


For more technical information, reach out to our team or visit our outlets. Invest in the Husqvarna TS 114 garden tractor for a sublime mowing experience and a meticulously maintained lawn.

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