Husqvarna R 316TX



Husqvarna R 316TX is a powerhouse ride-on lawn mower designed for handling complex lawn conditions. Powered by a robust V-twin engine and equipped with an array of features such as adjustable steering wheel, floating cutting deck, automatic blade engagement and much more, ensuring efficient and hassle-free lawn mowing. Decked with LED headlights for enhanced visibility and Bluetooth-enabled for Husqvarna Connect, this ride-on mower delivers perfect lawn mowing solutions.

Key Features:

- High-Performance V-twin engine ensuring powerful operations.
- Articulated steering for smooth navigation in twisty areas.
- Combi cutting decks for optional BioClip® (mulching) or rear ejection options.
- Equipped with LED headlights for improved visibility in low light conditions.
- Adjustable steering wheel, with telescopic steering for enhanced comfort.
- Access to the Husqvarna Connect app for easy maintenance guidance.
- Integrated rails for easy attachment of accessories like cargo holder.
- Large and transparent fuel tank for easier fuel level checks and planning.

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