Husqvarna R 214TC Ride On Mower



Husqvarna R 214TC Ride-On Mower: Efficient, Versatile and Easy to Operate

The Husqvarna R 214TC is a ride-on lawn mower engineered for efficient, versatile, and easy operation, making it the perfect companion for taking care of larger lawns. This mower is powered by a robust twin cylinder engine and features a 94 cm combi cutting deck that offers two cutting options – BioClip® mulching for natural lawn fertilization and rear ejection cutting for tackling higher, tougher grass. The R 214TC is built to be durable, with excellent maneuverability, and is also easy to clean and maintain thanks to the cutting deck's service position. A variety of Husqvarna accessories are available to enhance your mowing experience.

With the R 214TC, enjoy a comfortable driver's position that ensures safety, stability, and traction on both flat grounds and hillsides. The patented articulated steering provides excellent maneuverability, facilitating driving around obstacles with ease. The hour meter keeps track of operating time and helps in managing service and maintenance intervals. Equipped with 16-inch wheels, this mower ensures a comfortable ride throughout.

The mower's front-mounted cutting deck provides excellent accessibility into corners and under bushes, park benches, and other obstacles, while the service position of the cutting deck allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. With the Husqvarna Connect app, you can easily access tips, manuals, and spare part recommendations, and monitor runtime, charging status, maintenance, and service needs.


  • Twin Cylinder Engine: For powerful and efficient mowing operations.
  • 94 cm Combi Cutting Deck: Offering BioClip® mulching and rear ejection cutting options.
  • Articulated Steering: Excellent maneuverability around obstacles.
  • Front-Mounted Cutting Deck: For easy access into corners and under obstacles.
  • Automatic Blade Engagement: Blades engage automatically when the cutting deck is lowered.
  • Easy-Access Controls: Designed for optimum user comfort.
  • Pedal-Operated Transmission: Speed and direction managed by pedals for optimal driving control.
  • Service Position: Easy access for cleaning or servicing the cutting deck.
  • Husqvarna Connect App: For easy access to tips, manuals, and monitoring maintenance needs.

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