Husqvarna R 200iX



Introducing the Husqvarna R 200iX, a battery rider designed with class-leading runtime for maintaining your lawn efficiently. This 100% battery-powered machine offers dynamic mowing wherein power supply to the blades is automatically adjusted based on cutting conditions. The mower ensures low noise impact, low maintenance, and has a belt-free drive system. It features an intuitive control panel, automatic parking break, and an LED charging status indicator for a user-friendly experience.

Key Features:

- Dynamic mowing: automatic adjustment of power based on cutting conditions for maximized results
- 100% battery-powered: lowers maintenance needs and reduces noise levels
- Low maintenance: compared to petrol machines
- Automatic parking brake: increases safety with less effort required
- Electric cutting deck: ensures better performance with individually controlled blades
- Front-mounted cutting deck: allows excellent accessibility into corners and under bushes
- Dual battery option: extend your runtime by adding an extra battery
- Power-Conserving savE™ Mode: maximizes the runtime by lowering the rpm for tasks that don’t require full power.
- Combi cutting deck: choose between two cutting systems based on the conditions.

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