Husqvarna LC 247i Lawn Mower



Husqvarna LC 247i Battery Lawn Mower

Unlock a new realm of lawn maintenance with the Husqvarna LC 247i Battery Lawn Mower, designed specifically for the meticulous care of midsize gardens. With a generous cutting width, this battery-powered marvel ensures you cover more ground in less time. The LC 247i is more than just a mower; it's an extension of your gardening ambition, molded into an ergonomic, efficient, and eco-friendly machine.

From its adjustable handle to its easy-to-reach bail, every aspect of the LC 247i speaks to a user-centric design. The quick and easy cutting height adjustment empowers you to get the perfect cut every time, while the handle and collecting bag fold flat for seamless storage. The LC 247i doesn't just stop at efficient mowing; it goes a step further with its SavE™ mode for energy conservation and PowerBoost to tackle thicker grass, ensuring a pristine cut with less energy.


  • Ergonomic Handle: Ensures comfortable operation with an easy-to-reach bail.
  • Adjustable Handle Height: Quick, easy adjustment for the perfect ergonomic fit.
  • Lifting Handles (Front and Rear): Facilitates easy lifting and transportation.
  • Central Cutting Height Adjustment: One lever controls the whole deck for easy grass cutting height adjustment.
  • Easy Foldable Handle: Minimizes space for storage and transportation.
  • Quiet Operation: Offers a peaceful work environment with minimal disturbance.
  • Double Battery Slots: Long run time with fewer interruptions for battery changes.
  • Power Boost: Automatic blade speed increase for handling tough conditions.
  • Power-Conserving savE™ Mode: Maximizes run time by lowering rpm for tasks that do not require full power.
  • Intuitive Key Pad: Easy-to-use key pad with all information in one place for convenient operation.
  • Interchangeable Battery System: Flexibility with Husqvarna's 36V system BLi-X for both light and demanding tasks.

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