Husqvarna Aspire™ PE5 Pruner



The Husqvarna Aspire™ Pruner 18V + Pole, arriving soon, exemplifies an epitome of garden maintenance convenience and efficiency. This innovative battery pruning saw can be utilized with or without its extension pole, providing the flexibility to reach higher branches effortlessly. The extension pole can be adjusted up to 1.7m, enabling ladder-free pruning. Built upon Husqvarna's recognized chainsaw expertise, the pruner is sturdy enough to smoothly cut through branches as wide as 75mm. The tool is designed with a soft grip handle for comfortable handling, easy and tool-free chain and bar replacement, and an automatic shutdown feature for improved safety when left unattended. Storage has been made simple with the included hook, making it a perfect fit for limited space. As part of the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery system, it offers a unified battery solution for your entire garden tool collection


  • Compact Performance: Benefiting from Husqvarna's innovative technologies packed in a compact and lightweight design.
  • Extendable Reach: Adjustable telescopic shaft extending up to 1.7m for easy reach to higher branches.
  • Tool-free Chain & Bar Replacement: Hassle-free maintenance ensuring your pruner is always ready to perform.
  • Soft Grip Handle: Designed for comfortable handling during extensive pruning tasks.
  • Automatic Shutdown: Enhances safety by shutting down the pruner when left unattended.
  • Smart Storage: Tailor-made storage hook included for straightforward storage.
  • POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE Battery System: Compatible with various batteries and chargers from participating brands, optimizing your battery usage across tools.
  • Low Noise Levels: Enables longer working hours without disturbing your surroundings.
  • Aspire™ User-friendly Digital Interface: Digital interface with start/stop button and battery status for better control.
  • Husqvarna Connect: Smart connectivity for easy access to tips, manuals, and spare part recommendations via the Husqvarna Connect app.
  • Low Carbon Emissions: A greener choice with zero CO₂ emissions during use.

The Husqvarna Aspire™ Pruner 18V + Pole transforms pruning into a simple, enjoyable task, standing out as a must-have for every gardener aiming for perfection with ease. Stay tuned for its launch and be among the first to elevate your gardening experience to new heights.

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