Husqvarna Aspire™ LC34 Lawn Mower



Discover the ease of lawn maintenance with the Husqvarna Aspire™ 18V 34cm Lawnmower.

Its compact design, vertical storage, and POWER FOR ALL battery system make lawn care a breeze.

Lawnmower 18V 34cm, a blend of lightweight convenience and robust performance destined for those meticulous about their lawn. This 18V battery-powered lawnmower is crafted for smooth maneuvering in compact spaces. Its foldable feature, coupled with a detachable collection bag and inclusive hook, simplifies storage, be it on the floor or wall-mounted. The initiation of this mower is a breeze, and its adjustable handle ensures a comfortable working stance, making the navigation through narrow lawn passages effortless.

Being part of the POWER FOR ALL battery system, this lawnmower harmonizes with a plethora of other garden tools, allowing a single battery to power your garden maintenance needs. Its lightweight and foldable design, adorned with carrying handles, ensures seamless transition between your front and back garden, embodying a true mobile lawn maintenance solution.


  • Compact Performance: Embrace the compactness without compromising the performance, thanks to Husqvarna's innovative technologies.
  • Vertical Storage: Minimize space with its vertical storage capability, a handy feature for compact living spaces.
  • Telescopic Handle: Adjust the handle height for better ergonomics and a comfortable working position.
  • Power Boost: Engage PowerBoost for that extra power whenever needed, ensuring no blade of grass remains uncut.
  • Central Cutting Height Adjustment: Quick and easy adjustment of grass cutting height with a single lever controlling the whole deck.
  • Intuitive Handling: Sleek black design with orange details guiding you to all interaction points intuitively.
  • Soft Grip Handle: Ensures maximum comfort during your lawn maintenance tasks.
  • Low Noise Levels: Enabling longer working hours without disturbing your neighbors' peace.
  • Aspire™ User-friendly Digital Interface: Stay in control with the digital battery status indicator.
  • Husqvarna Connect: Access tips, manuals, and spare part recommendations with the smart Husqvarna Connect app.
  • POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE Battery System: Part of a universal battery system for all your home and garden products.

Lawnmower 18V 34cm is more than a lawnmower; it's a statement of how effortless and enjoyable lawn maintenance can be. With a compact design yet powerful performance, it’s ready to redefine your gardening routine.

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