Husqvarna 585



The Husqvarna 585 is a fantastic tool that has been designed to cater to the needs of forestry and tree care professionals. It is robust, powerful, and reliable, offering high performance in even the toughest of conditions. It is equipped with features that promise durability, better cutting capacity, improved vibration levels, and great maneuverability.

Key features:
- Designed for heavy-duty forestry work with an 86cc engine.
- Equipped with X-Torq engine and X-Cut C85 chain for excellent cutting capacity.
- Robust design, easy-to-adjust carburetor, and heavy-duty air filter for better filtration.
- Can operate efficiently on fuels with up to 25% ethanol content.
- Comes with X-Tough bar for straight cuts and minimal pinching.
- Lightweight muffler to reduce strain and improve maneuverability.
- Advanced filtration system filters 98% of incoming dust.
- Designed for fast acceleration.
- Easy fuel level check with a large transparent tank window.

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