Husqvarna 322HD60 Hedge Trimmer



Husqvarna 322HD60: Double-Sided Hedge Trimmer for Professional Trimming

Transform your hedge trimming tasks into a breezy affair with the Husqvarna 322HD60. This robust double-sided hedge trimmer is built with a 60 cm cutter bar to ensure a precise cut every time. Designed keeping in mind the professional landscapers and serious gardeners, this trimmer marries superior performance with ease of use.

The 322HD60 boasts of hardened steel blades with optimized edge angles that not only stay sharper longer but also enhance the efficiency of each cut ensuring durability over time. Thanks to the Smart Start® Technology, starting the trimmer is a snap with a specially-designed engine and starter that requires minimal effort.

An adjustable rear handle offers multiple handle positions making hedge cutting a comfortable task no matter the angle. Durability is at the core of 322HD60, with its internal gears specially designed for a long life and tested under rigorous conditions to ensure they stand up to the task.

The Auto Return stop switch simplifies starting, while intuitive controls make maneuvering the trimmer straightforward. A low noise engine ensures a more pleasant working environment, reducing fatigue and making your trimming tasks less of a chore.


  • Hardened Steel Blades: Optimized edge angle for longer sharpness, increased efficiency, and durability.
  • Smart Start® Technology: For easy and fast starting with minimum effort.
  • Adjustable Rear Handle: Multiple handle positions for comfortable hedge cutting.
  • Durable, Tested Materials: Internal gears designed for long life and tested under tough conditions.
  • Simple Starting: Auto return stop switch for easy starting.
  • Intuitive Controls: Easy to use and maneuver.
  • Low Noise Engine: Provides a low noise level for a pleasant working environment.

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