Husqvarna 122C Grass Trimmer



Husqvarna 122C Grass Trimmer: Lightweight & Low Noise Solution

Introducing the Husqvarna 122C Grass Trimmer, a perfect blend of low noise operation and lightweight design, specially crafted for domestic use. This trimmer comes with easy-to-use functions including the Smart Start® Technology, making it a breeze to kickstart your yard maintenance tasks.

With the 122C, starting up is hassle-free. The auto return stop switch and air purge function ensures easy starting by removing air from the carburetor and fuel system. Once it's up and running, the Smart Start® technology, designed with a specially-engineered engine and starter, allows for fast and easy starting with minimal effort.

The ergonomic design is one of the 122C's standout features. It boasts a comfortable curved handle and shaft, which significantly enhances ease of use and maneuverability as you trim around your yard. The Tap 'N Go™ feature simplifies line feeding – a simple tap on the ground is all it takes to have the trimmer head ready and rolling.

The low noise engine is the cherry on top, providing a more pleasant working environment by significantly reducing the noise level during operation. The Husqvarna 122C is not just a grass trimmer; it's your go-to tool for keeping your yard neat and tidy without breaking a sweat.


  • Smart Start® Technology: For easy and fast starting with minimal effort.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable curved handle and shaft for easier use and increased maneuverability.
  • Tap 'N Go™: Effortless line feeding with a simple tap on the ground.
  • Low Noise Engine: Provides a quiet and pleasant working environment.
  • Easy Starting: Auto return stop switch and air purge function for hassle-free starting.

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