• GCV170 4-Stroke Engine

  • Engine Brake Technology

  • Mulching Function

  • New Height Adjust Control

  • Improved Front Engine Brake For Comfort


The Honda HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck lawnmower is ideal for the average residential block. It’s lightweight and easy to push with a sleek, rustproof alloy deck. Offering a generous 19-inch cut, the 60 litre Dacron catcher. Therefore you’ll get around your yard with no hassles, and few stops.

The Buffalo Buck’s pull cord is attached to the upper handles for ease of use. So you won’t need to bend over to pull the cord, simply lean in and pull back. With Honda’s “first time, every time” technology, mowing the lawn will never be a chore again!

Furthermore Honda’s unique Auto Choke feature allows you to conveniently run the HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck without needing to adjust the choke or engine throttle. Safety is assured with Honda’s Engine Brake Technology. As a result it will stop the blades and engine within three seconds of releasing the handle.

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