• Maximum Output Of 5500 W/240 Volt

  • Electric Start

  • GX390 Engine

  • 24 Litre Fuel Tank

  • Weighing At 87 kg


Like its siblings the EG3600CX, EG4500CX and EG5500CX, the Honda EG5500CXS features a large capacity fuel tank for extended operating time.

It also provides the convenience of a fuel gauge to keep you on track.

In keeping with Honda's reputation for smooth and quiet operation, more  features include anti-vibration engine mounts and a large noise-suppressing muffler.

Stable power delivery comes courtesy of Honda's highly advanced D-AVR (Digital Auto Voltage Regulator). Therefore uses a microcomputer to precisely control output voltage, providing high quality stable electricity.

This feature offers a greater level of stability than conventional AVR types. As a result it reduces the load on the devices driven by the generator. Therefore increasing their life and facilitating 100% performance.

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