GREENWORKS® 60V Pro Brushless Chainsaw (16″)



The GREENWORKS® 60V Pro Brushless Chainsaw (16″) sets a new standard in the realm of cordless chainsaws, offering more torque and faster cutting performance compared to traditional petrol chainsaws, but without any of the noise or harmful emissions. It's designed to provide an effortless start-up, an automatic chain oiler for maintenance ease, and is equipped with a 40cm bar and chain. The side-mounted tensioning allows for quick adjustments, ensuring optimal performance with minimal effort.

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Description: This chainsaw is a powerful tool for both professional landscapers and home users who require efficient and reliable cutting power for their projects. Its brushless motor technology not only delivers superior power but also ensures durability and extended tool life.

Product Specifications:

  • Voltage: 60V, providing high power for demanding cutting tasks.
  • Motor Type: Brushless, for increased efficiency and longevity.
  • Bar Length: 40cm, ideal for a wide range of cutting applications.
  • Chain Oiling: Automatic, simplifying maintenance and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Chain Speed: 20m/s, for fast and clean cuts through various wood types.
  • Chain Gauge: 0.050", compatible with standard chainsaw requirements.
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8" LP, ensuring effective and smooth cutting.
  • Power Source: Electric, offering a clean and eco-friendly alternative to petrol chainsaws.
  • Runtime: Up to 35 minutes, sufficient for most cutting tasks.
  • Weight: 4.2kg, balanced for ease of use and maneuverability.

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