GREENWORKS® Pro 60V Grass Catcher Assembly



The GREENWORKS® Pro 60V Grass Catcher Assembly is an essential addition for homeowners looking to maintain pristine lawns without the hassle of manually collecting grass clippings. This dual bin grass catcher assembly, complete with two high-lift blades, is designed to fit seamlessly with your GREENWORKS® Pro 60V lawn mowing equipment, enhancing its functionality and convenience.

Description: This grass catcher features a substantial 210-litre capacity across dual bins, allowing for extended mowing sessions without the need for frequent emptying. A clear cross tube is ingeniously integrated for fill monitoring, ensuring you know exactly when it's time to empty the bins. The directed airflow system enhances bagging performance, efficiently channeling clippings into the bins for a clean finish. Installation and removal are straightforward, designed for quick setup and convenience, enabling users to switch between bagging and other mowing tasks with ease.

Key Features:

  • Dual Bins: Maximum capacity of 210 litres, offering ample space for grass clippings.
  • High-Lift Blades: Included to ensure optimal collection of grass clippings.
  • Fill Monitoring: A clear cross tube allows users to easily monitor fill levels.
  • Directed Air Flow: Enhances bagging performance for efficient collection.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for quick and easy installation and removal.

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