GREENWORKS® 60V STEALTH Series All-Terrain 2-Seat Electric Youth Go-Kart



The GREENWORKS® 60V STEALTH Series All-Terrain 2-Seat Electric Youth Go-Kart is an exhilarating blend of power, innovation, and adventure, designed for young enthusiasts aged 14 and up. With dual 60V powerful 8.0 Ah batteries and dual rear hub motors boasting a maximum power of 2400 watts, this go-kart promises up to 20 miles of thrilling rides across diverse terrains, from farmland to gravel, and sand to mud.

Description: The go-kart is built with safety and performance in mind, featuring a two-passenger adjustable bench seat equipped with a 4-point safety harness and a padded steel roll cage supporting up to 276 lbs. Operation is simplified with a push-button start and forward and reverse options for easy maneuvering. The experience is further enhanced with integrated Bluetooth speakers for an immersive sound experience during rides. The all-terrain 16" wheels are engineered to conquer rugged landscapes, ensuring a smooth and robust ride on any surface.

Intelligent Systems:

  • Motor: Utilizes STEALTH brushless dual-hub motors eliminating the need for belts or transmission, ensuring efficient power transfer and minimal maintenance.
  • Battery: Features an advanced cooling system and an Active EMS system for dynamic control, capable of operating in extreme temperatures, and providing maximum protection against common battery issues.
  • Control: Offers straightforward operation with push-button start, forward, neutral, and reverse capabilities, and two driving modes (SPORT mode up to 40km/h and ECO mode up to 24km/h) for varied riding experiences.
  • Safety: The go-kart emphasizes safety with a heavy-duty steel frame, padded roll cage, 4-point seat belts, integrated headlights and taillights, and dual front and rear shock suspension for enhanced stability and protection.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: CK600D
  • Power: 2400W for superior performance.
  • Wheel Size: 16" fat tires for exceptional traction across all terrains.
  • Weight: 126kg, sturdy yet agile.
  • Range: Up to 32km, for extended adventures.
  • Speed: 40km/h in Sport Mode, offering exhilarating speeds.
  • Frame Material: Steel, ensuring durability and strength.
  • Suspension: Front and Rear, for smooth rides on uneven terrains.
  • Display: Digital LED, providing essential information at a glance.
  • Drive System: Dual, for efficient and reliable propulsion.
  • Range: Up to 32km, ensuring long-lasting fun on a single charge.
  • Total Weight: 126.5kg, balancing robust construction with performance.

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