GREENWORKS® 60V Pro 42” Zero Turn Lawnmower



The GREENWORKS® 60V Pro 42” Zero Turn Lawnmower stands at the forefront of lawn maintenance technology, combining robust performance with the ease of zero-turn maneuverability. Designed for keen domestic gardeners, landowners, or small commercial operators, this lawnmower offers precision, speed, and comfort, making lawn care an enjoyable task.

Description: This 42” zero-turn lawnmower is engineered to navigate effortlessly around obstacles in your garden, ensuring a seamless mowing experience. With a top speed of 12km/h, it allows for quick and efficient lawn care, while the high back seat, footrests, and ergonomic levers provide unparalleled comfort during use. This unit is powered by innovation, featuring six removable 60V 8.0Ah lithium-ion batteries for extensive coverage up to 2 acres on a single charge, complemented by quick charging capabilities thanks to three included 10A dual-port chargers. The batteries are also fully compatible with the entire GREENWORKS® 60V range, offering versatility and convenience.

Product Specifications:

  • Voltage: 60V, with six 8.0Ah batteries included for extended run time.
  • Cutting Width: 42", ideal for large lawns and gardens.
  • Dimensions: Length 67", Width 46", Height 53".
  • Cutting Height Range: From 1.5" to 4.5", adjustable for precision mowing.
  • Wheel Size: Front 11x4x5, Rear 20x10x8.
  • Noise Level: 84dB, quieter than petrol-powered alternatives.
  • Blade Speed: 17,000 FPM Constant, for efficient cutting.
  • Speed: 12.0km/h forward, 4.8km/h reverse.
  • Connectivity: Features 4G/App connectivity for easy monitoring.
  • Charging Time: 60 minutes with included chargers.
  • Mowing Capacity: Up to 2 acres per charge.
  • Weight: 206kg, sturdy yet maneuverable.

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