GREENWORKS® 60V Garden Cart



The GREENWORKS® 60V Garden Cart is a robust, three-wheeled, self-propelled utility vehicle designed to ease the burden of moving heavy loads around your garden or any outdoor space. Whether it's firewood, mulch, soil, or garden waste, this garden cart is engineered to carry up to 100kg, making garden tasks easier and more efficient.

Description: This garden cart is equipped with a self-propelled drive system featuring variable speed rear-wheel drive, making it ideal for navigating through uneven terrains such as grass, mulch, or dirt. The 12" flat-free pneumatic tires provide durability and ensure smooth operation across various surfaces. Additionally, the cart features a spring-assisted lift handle for effortless dumping of contents, further enhancing its utility and ease of use.

Product Specifications:

  • Voltage: 60V, ensuring powerful and efficient operation.
  • Drive System: Self-propelled, with variable speed for easy maneuverability.
  • Speed: Up to 4.2km/h in high and up to 3km/h in low settings, with a reverse speed of 2.4km/h.
  • Dumping Mechanism: Yes, equipped with a spring-assisted lift handle for easy unloading.
  • Maximum Load: 100kg, suitable for transporting heavy garden materials.
  • Tire Size: 12", flat-free pneumatic tires for reliable performance on all terrains.
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel construction for durability.
  • Runtime: Up to 190 minutes, allowing for extended use on a single charge.
  • Weight: 37.2kg, balancing sturdiness with ease of handling.

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